My name's Anne Therese J. Namocatcat and I'm an artist who just happens to be captivated by science.

I believe humans are visual by nature, and the easiest way to convey new ideas to the general public—be it scientific or otherwise—is through visual representation. What better way to do that than through art? To put it shortly, I'm on a mission to make scientific information far more accessible than it is now.

With that being said, I'm certainly not all business. I may have chosen to be a student of science, but I'm no stranger to illustrating fantasy and whimsy as well!

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) - MFA Medical Illustration, Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2019
La Salle University - BS Biology 2015, Minor in Leadership & Global Understanding, General University Honors

Photoshop 100%
InDesign 96%
Illustrator 90%
Maya 75%
Mudbox 70%
AfterEffects 50%